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Gas Pains for infants

Silent cries of infants with colic is not known to be characterized by a kind of gas is sanem. Babies feet of snow and a big pain to draw live. As babies continue to cry begins to swallow air, which causes swelling in the abdomen as gas pains cause of the increase. The cause of colic is not known exactly. The withdrawal of the colon, the contents of baby food allergies to any substance, baby breast milk of mothers who consumed a diet with no food and swallowed air during crying seizures are thought to cause colic. Birth During some of the problems and difficulties have been reported to cause colic

The recommended treatment for Koiik modern tsp

Anti-spasm drugs are used.

Natural health treatments:

• Colic babies live with the tension increases. Therefore babys relaxing and healing herbs available. Daisy relieve colic and lemon.
Fennel and the lemon has a soothing effect.
• colic following treatment for patients with homeopathy can be applied:
• chamomile, cuddle babies that can be used for relief.
• Swing out swinging in the air is clean or comfortable for the baby when the winds are preferred by plants.
• Strange sounds coming from the stomach (gas sounds) "Cuprum Met." Matter can be resolved with his homeopathy. Frequently because of pain in his fingers, this article is available for infants.
• Rock Rose flower essence stress and removes the fear. Bach essences in spasm solvent feature is that people prefer.
• chamomile, lavender or rose oil to do abdominal massage soothes your baby.
• breastfeed your baby before nightfall, when you drop of lavender or chamomile oil, rinse with warm water. You will see relief.

Beneficial therapies
Massage, cranial osteopathy, acupuncture, herbalizm, aromatherapy, (colic episodes are caused by allergies to foods), nutritional therapy.

What you can do at home
If you breastfeed your baby, milk products a few days to break. Spicy foods, fruit acid, flatulent foods (onions, cabbage, beans) Avoid.

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