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What is andropause?

Decline in testosterone in elderly men period begins, that the period of decline beginning "AndropauseIs called. In fact, it is not not totally male hormone "androgen deficiency syndrome" is called. The only difference is that the situation of men in women's knife as opposed to the situations phrase with decreasing number of male hormone is the emergence of symptoms.

andropozThe reduction of testosterone are the symptoms of andropause?

Andropause, the physical symptoms and complaints of sexual function and psychological consequences as revealed.

Psychological aspects, nervousness, anxiety, depressed mood, decreased motivation and can be seen with chronic fatigue. Forgetfulness or memory problems that adversely affect may begin. In the same way people have mental problems that this situation can be triggered with andropause.

Physical aspects, inability to concentrate, fatigue, increased need for sleep, muscle and joint pain is accompanied by symptoms like hot flashes occur.

Of sexual orientation, with the decline in male hormone sexual aversion and is accompanied with the increase in erectile problems. Nevertheless, advanced age in men with osteoporosis revealed that osteoporosis also andropause.

Men can be enclosed in

Andropause in men is seen in males over 50 years. Stress causes a decrease in sexual performansdaki. Problems often men than they do in this situation inside the external expression can be tough. Continuous aggressive behavior is exhibited with a personality that can upset everything. Sudden and severe psychological disorders seen by output by close to unbearable as men are expressed.

How is the diagnosis made?

First, the decline in testosterone with simple blood tests and rates are determined. The best way to express oneself is important. According to the complaints of patients with urological specialists, physical examination, testicular shrinkage and softness of texture, as well as reduction in the penis, such as a decrease in muscle mass from these findings due to be diagnosed as anropoz.

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