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What is old age limit?

Dr. Abdurrahman Free: At the beginning of the 20th century, life expectancy 50'ydi expected. Until today, this time reached the age of 80. The age limit is generally accepted age of 65 and higher.

How aging male sexual life is altered?

Dr. Abdurrahman Free: Decrease in sexual function may be a natural consequence of aging. But sexual problems emerging diseases in old age or their treatment may also occur depending on. Decline in

testosterone with age and decrease in sexual desire happens. Besides the degree of decline in sexual interest are observed. However, this interest does not disappear completely, many elderly men with mild to moderate in sexual interest persists. Besides sexual iİişki a significant reduction in incidence with age is also

Erectile problems due to old age are often seen that?

Dr. Abdurrahman Free:
65 years later nearly a quarter of male erectile problems are seen in. Concerns about sexual performance and sexual skills as well as the decrease in anxiety, anger, internal closure, divorce, death of spouse, health problems can also lead to erectile difficulties.

What is andropause?

Dr. Abdurrahman Free: Depending on the aging of the male hormone testosterone that decrease the blood levels. Men among the people of this state menopauseu will try. Sexual function in aging men, but caused a decrease in, womans after menopause had lived in the same situation is not one to one. Gradual decrease in sexual function in men, a slow, progressive manner occurs. This situation also varies from person to person. Unlike women, men and decreased ability to fertilize, although continues.

What leads to reduced testosterone?

Dr. Abdurrahman Free: Occurs with aging as a natural hormone levels, with the effect of changes in nerve and vascular structures, some changes in sexual function occur. Very large amount of testosterone in the testicles (male ovaries) is performed. Some of these production centers are in the brain by means of various hormones are kept under constant control. The decrease in sexual desire with age, testicular function and the reduction in blood levels of testosterone are associated with: In addition to the reduction of hormones in the blood the way a variety of neural stimulation leads change. As a result, an erection problem that may arise.

Aging effect which is hard be felt, what else?

Dr. Abdurrahman Free: Another important factor in the formation of hard the penis is the structure. With aging in both muscles and muscle density decrease is observed in the tensile capabilities. With some of the effects of changes in di duyarh penis decreases, and is necessary for sexual intercourse takes a lot longer to achieve hardness. During this period, the provision of physical contact with stiff comfortable. But the visual, auditory, and without touching the penis may be difficult to ensure compliance with those hard. Besides occurring in sleep and arousal in the number of hard enrichments occur spontaneously without any decrease in quality is hard enrichments .. With aging, while prolonged stimulation prior to ejaculation, orgasms can occur during muscle contractions are also more vulnerable. Besides a decrease in semen is miktannda. The decrease in sensory satisfaction during discharge and a second in the time required for erection is prolonged.
What are the symptoms of andropause?

Dr. Abdurrahman Free: Psychological mental fatigue, restlessness, irritability, difficulty in gathering attention, overall deterioration in the well-being, depressive mood can be observed. Physical weakness, muscle volume and strength reduction, breast growth, decrease of hair, visible increase in abdominal fat. Besides, people from excessive sweating, flushing sensation, disturbed sleep patterns and insomnia detection palpitation feeling can be. Decrease in sexual desire in terms of, reduction in power hardening, the second prolongation of the time required for hardening, reduction in semen and semen miktannda pulse power can be decreased.

Andropause begins at what age?

Dr. Abdurrahman Free: Partly in the 40s after the male hormone cycle begins to decrease. Determines the degree of decrease in the formation of the complaint. However, all the men in the 40s, although it is hormonal decline may not be seen andropause. Hormonal factors are not only effective on andropause, social and psychological factors also play an important role. For example, erectile problems and work has begun to position itself in the life one does not see the emergence of andropause easier. Or 'I lost my year. How do you train? " andropause can be brought to live in fear.

How is the treatment?

Dr. Abdurrahman Free: Primarily the result of aging erectile problemsyle diabetes, hypertensionHigh blood fat linked to the problem of erectile dysfunction should be distinguished from each other. Diseasesa related problem arising in oral erectile dysfunction drugs, the use of vacuum devices, sex therapy, penise needle, vascular surgery and treatment options, such as joy stick. With aging alone resulting in an erection of the main reasons for the problem of masculinity hormonesis on of the scarcity. In this case, hormone replacement is missing. For this purpose there are various drugs that can be used in different ways. However, this group of drugs in people with metabolic disorders, liver or heart those functions and the problem prostate cancer should be very careful to use those at risk. This group of drugs does not cause prostate cancer development, but existing cancer leads to rapid development in the presence of cancer. Except that today, people who have erectile problems are low in undesirable effects, effective drugs available.

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