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Breastfeeding breast cancer etkilimi

Experts said that a lower risk of developing breast cancer in women who are breastfeeding, breastfeeding is an important factor in preventing cancer highlights the process.

Ondokuz Mayis University (OMU), Medical Application and Research Center (OMUSUVAM) Department of General Surgery, Professor at the Faculty. Dr. Kenan Erzurumlu, indicating a lower risk of breast cancer in women who are breastfeeding, "longer duration of breastfeeding is an important factor in the prevention of cancer," the opinion said.

Prof. Dr. Erzurumlu said in a statement, recalled that breast cancer is the most common form of cancer. Breast cancer is a disease that emphasizes the hormonal origin, Prof.. Dr. Erzurum, a definitive cause of breast cancer, genetic factors, although not stated that the most important factor.

Origin of the disease as a disease has been accepted today, stating that Prof. hormonal. Dr. Erzurumlu, pointed to the importance of early diagnosis in terms of treatment.

Breast cancer diagnosis in the treatment of the disease in terms of other cancer types, erkan known that it is important, but it is a main determinant of breast cancer that expresses the situation of Erzurum, as well as surgical treatment of all cancers, breast cancers, also stressed that the basic objective tumor tissue removal.

Lower risk of breast cancer in women who are breastfeeding, stating that Prof.. Dr. Erzurum, said.

"According to research, the risk of getting breast cancer in women and breast-feeding is known to be less than other women. Regeneration by reducing hormones that breastfeeding provides cancer. Lower the activity of estrogen in women who are breastfeeding. This also has a protective effect for cancer. For similar reasons, longer duration of breastfeeding is an important factor in preventing cancer. "

Indicating that there are a few different stages of breast cancer treatment in Erzurum, eliminated by surgical treatment of local disease, with radiation therapy in breast disease, local recurrence can be prevented, he added.

For women and emphasizes the importance of aesthetic breast Professor. Dr. Erzurumlu, "as much as possible over the left breast to breast cancer, the prevention of disorder in shape, as required in the case of the entire breast is essential to correct the aesthetic appearance initiatives," he said.

Prof. Dr. Erzurumlu breast cancer is usually between 20 and had become widespread in the 40s, he added.

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