29 Eylül 2011 Perşembe

Chew gum Zayıflatırmı

A medical journal called the British Medical Journal has included a study of chewing gum. Chewing Gum 20 pieces of gum a day violate the 2 patients in the study were discussed. diarrhea in two patients a day it was caught violating the 20-gum. It was because of sorbitol's laxative effect which are contained chewing gum, and was determined to be a substance that acts as a kind of laxative. Each package of chewing gum has 1.25 grams of sorbitol. 20-30 grams of chewing sorbitol gum after the day that was observed in persons with diarrhea. Sorbitol is often called "sugar-free" models. These nutrients are also used by people with diabetes are among the products.

If the connection between chewing gum and weight loss that's called to be caused by sorbitol. 5-20 grams of sorbitol from the body, such as bloating and cramping, while causing stomach problems, diarrhea and extreme weight loss leads to more. but this is not healthy.

This has stopped the intake of sorbitol, the weight, then rolled back in any case.


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