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Rigorous women migraine stroke

noted that migraines are more common in obsessive and perfectionist personalities.

"Migraine patients not be able to work a few times a month because of headache attacks, but so do a perfect job. They follow the same way, a very good treatment, the doctor referred listen, "said Dr.. Ozkan, pain when the patients said they recommend a quiet and rest in a dark room.

Dr. Expert. Ali Ozkan, formerly seen as an ordinary migraine headache pain, a neurological disease that in itself was no longer acceptable, he said.

Ozkan, migraine pain expands and narrowing of blood vessels and surrounding tissue on the surface of brain edema caused by emphasizing, "The main characteristic feature is that at certain intervals. Young and middle age group is high at above 20 percent.

Migraine attacks were considered a disease of young and adult age may take up to 45-50. Pain may persist from 4 to 72 hours. A large part of the common characteristics of migraine patients, punctilious, nervous, very attentive, constantly working mind, is that people are emotional, "he said.

Neurology Hospital Specialist Dr. Spring special. Ali Ozkan, migraine symptoms were listed as follows:

- One half of the head and eyes like oyuluyor zonklayarak ligaments.

- Temporal and neck pain is characteristic in most cases.

- Pain before or after nausea, vomiting, intolerance to light and sound can be.

- The color may fade away and the patient's peace of mind.

- Sinusitis are often confused because of radiating pain in the forehead and face.

- Part of the pain before the start of a crisis (bright flashes of light, zigzag images, hand-face and arms felt pins and needles, numbness, etc.) may be complaints.

- Some patients with pain in the head, stretching, draws, burns, singed, jams, cold, itch, screw with the oyuluyor, tries to explain different ways, such as blade getting stuck.

- Some patients anlayabilirken hours before the future of pain, sometimes with a sudden attack of severe pain in a person's life may be upside down.
Obsessive and perfectionist personalities are found more frequently in migraine. Migraine disease is seen mostly in women, they were meticulous attention migraineurs experts, "People see it as a disease that can not be the treatment of migraine. However, many successful results are taken to treat migraine headaches, "warns.

Neurology Hospital Specialist Dr. Spring special. Ali Ozkan


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