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Hair on the skin of the head hair from the roots of hairs growing uzayarak. Oily substances secreted by glands of hair follicles structure.

To have healthy hair should be washed regularly. Brushing hair shed hair, dirt and dust repellent serves. A normal hair should be washed once or twice a week at least. Oily hair should be washed more frequently if. After rinsing thoroughly with clean water before drying the hair gently combed. Kurulanmasında hair with a soft towel should be used. Drying process also must be soft. If you used a towel on hard or very severe ovulursa spawned on the hair tips. Electric hair dryers and dried. However, the hair dryer must be kept very close. In this case, negatively affected by temperature extremes of the scalp and hair.

Used in the soaps and shampoo for washing hair oil solvent properties of a substance soluble in essence creates easy. Shampoos also smell, color and materials added to the condenser. These additional ingredients may cause irritation of the scalp. Some substances can cause allergic reactions, used in shampoos on the market. Therefore, the selection of shampoo, the nature of unknown substances should be avoided.

Hair at the bottom if you have dandruff, wash often with soap and water can be useful not very hot. After rinsing the hair thoroughly with water and consult a medical institution in the scaling be unavoidable. Physicians outside of the proposal put forward to be beneficial for the hair may not be safe substances. Hair cleaning brushes and combs are often used as a personal wash with hot soapy water and rinsed. Health benefit of cleaning the hair out of the scheme, the relations between people and the positive impact of well-being is also important in terms of external appearance.

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