5 Kasım 2010 Cuma

Which are the most common situations that occur Pile of Male?

a. Nodules of majority. This is between the ages of eleven and seventeen men occurs in the developing and under the nipple hard, causing pain and mild swelling in the round of interest. They do not need any treatment and disappear spontaneously within a few months.
Erkek memelerinde meydana gelen en yaygın durumlar hangileridir ?

b. «Gynecomastia». This is a wonderful young men and breasts in some cases, the development consists in the form of women's breasts. These men have shown abnormalities in the studies of the other gland. If you are developing in this way a man meme_ s, a disturbance in psychological ways do not attract any method of treatment is required. If you are suffering such a condition, the breast tissue are removed by surgery.

c. Cadonomatöz adenoma disease disease). Fifty, sixty and older men show breasts, sometimes over-growth states. Malignant breast tissues, such as whether this should be taken to detect '

d. Cancer. Male breast cancer is rarely seen. Treatment of female cancers are the same practices.

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