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Physical Causes of Erectile Problems

Income at the top of his sexual problems, erectile problems of men. Today sexuality is still seen as a taboo to express this problem in our society, many people are not diagnosed and treated can not be part of çekinmekte and ailments.

Hardening of the physical origin and psychological problems are considered as two separate categories. These categories of causes are many and varied.

The most common form of erectile dysfunction of cardiovascular system diseases. Blood flow in patients with circulation problems on the negative effect of hardening is not as healthy.

Diabetes can affect nerves that can lead to weakening of the signals started hardening. Other issues, prevents hardening of the nervous system and disease, especially ms.

Estrogen used in hormone therapy for any disease, and in particular prevents hardening taken. Alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, stimulants, narrowed blood vessels. Especially the lips, finger tips and around the reproductive organs by affecting blood vessels would result in irregular circulation.

Diseases caused by drugs used in the treatment of erection problems are considered among the physical causes. Blood pressure lowering drugs, ulcer drugs, the drugs used for allergic problems may prevent hardening. Some types of drugs also leads to the problem. Some of these effects has been known to strengthen an erection drugs are generally very short-lived and long-term tissue by destroying all the drugs that erection can cause permanent problems.

The growth of the prostate gland, the presence of tumors, cancer of the prostate gland removed due to constant and can lead to erectile problems. Prostate problems and other reproductive organs and affects the secretion of testosterone. Low levels of testosterone are likely to güçleşmesi erection.

To cure the lack of testosterone affects sexual desire. Excessive testosterone caused high sexual desire - which is very rare in this situation, the person is low, resulting in sexual intercourse does not want to. The erection of a block other hormone prolactin.

In men the cause of erectile is important to understand the problem. The problem is based on physical causes and psychological causes, such as to withstand even the presence of both together. Sexual intercourse in the morning but started to have erection at night or wants to suggest that psychological problems probably seen an erection. Hardening can be no physical cause does not need to consult a urologist. Urologist
the cause of the problem of physical examination and ask questions you will find exactly the help.

Sexual organs could be done a few tests to measure blood pressure for the low types. Whether there is adequate blood flow can be detected by applying them. Substance secreted by the prostate tests that measure PSA, which measures the health of the heart and blood vessel angiogram, physical problems are diagnosed with advanced imaging tests.

Hekimhastaya implementing appropriate treatment after diagnosis and most of the problems are solved. Psychological problems in people with psychological support and various therapies in the treatment of the issues are included.

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