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Children of Adolescent Girls

Adolescence, the transition from childhood to become an adult person, of the accelerated development and growth, a process that also affects psychology. With physical changes in the transition from childhood to youth and the environment is experienced emotionally as differences in features of an adult begins to be in alignment. All other stages of life are difficult period of adolescence, a time of rapid changes occur and the child is forced to cope.

Adolescence is the period beginning on exactly when there is a certain line. Some experts from the age of 8 is invisible in some developments and puberty started at this point, some experts have indicated to be criteria for extension of the neck, the most common symptom of puberty seen in nearly 12 years of age and gender characteristics of the features boldly showing.

The development of secondary sex characteristics of young girls breasts, armpits and around genital pubescence and the formation of the first menstruation.

Her breasts began to develop in the chest at the end of a young girl ring, the color darkens. While the average age of 12 starts, and the development of prominent breast 15 At the age of exits. Fledge before the start u as light, color, darkening with the ongoing development, while the final is between the ages of 15-17.

The first two bleeding young girls living all over the world are regarded as a daughter. A highly irregular menstrual bleeding in the first years. Ovulation happens. Bleeding is the final version in 3-4 years. The first person's genetic characteristics of each age, nutritional status, living environment, affected by many factors, together with up to 2.5 years after belirginleşmesinden breasts, sexual organs around the armpits tüylenmesinin tüylenmesinden next 2 years and is expected to begin within 1.5 years after the beginning.

Secondary sex characteristics appear and the first menstruation to live with the young girl becomes an increase in the hormone estrogen, which increased accumulation of fat under the skin causes the body assumes the female body lines.

Physically, the result in the long and complex process in a woman's body gained quite a lot of adolescent psychology and fast changing. Internal conflicts are experienced. Childhood and young adulthood who can not decide between the remaining and most of the time, the environment it encounters the same dilemma approach decreases. In addition, rapid growth brought problems for young people is the pain and physical weakness.

Desires to remain young in this period alone. Yorulmakta can do things easily and quickly get tired before or brought by rapid growth and as a result of co-ordination disorder feels awkward and clumsy. Psychology of young people in general, a reluctance to change, restlessness, desire to resist authority, disputes the opposite sex, in kontrolsüzlük. And extreme excitement under control can not be responsive. Self-confidence is related more to the bottom of the characteristics of the young not like.

The most important support for adolescent girls by directing him to take their own decisions and changes and that it allows başetmesine. Inform young daughter and try to understand changes in family as he could.

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